Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Simple can be better

I like very simple things.  Sometimes too many embellishments make a card so busy that I can hardly tell what is going on.  Plus who wants to send a card in the mail that is full of ribbon and buttons and grommets so that you practically need a box rather than an envelope.  Simple and practical, that is how I like to make cards.  Mail-able, visually appealing, not too busy, but still lovely.

Take this VERY simple Christmas card for example  The nice thing about a card like this is that you can feasibly make a million of them and send them all around for Christmas without taking up a million hours.  Of course I LOVE making the cards.  But at some point I like to send them too.  Part of the fun is staying in touch and reaching people with your creations.

Enjoy this very simple Noel card and Mistletoe card.  Made by NBradley Stationary.

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