Saturday, February 26, 2011


Find one of my photos featured in this lovely Etsy Treasury!  HOORAY!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Love with Words Only

This card is about as simple as it gets but I like it.  I love the wedding vow stamp that is the background and the simple yellow and blue rectangles really make the sentiment pop.  This is perfect for a man who doesn't like a lot of fluff.  Just get to the point and give him a card that says it all. 
This card is entered in a challenge HERE

If you like this card it is part of a set that can be found in my etsy shop HERE

Old Hand Dyed Paper

This card uses some old hand dyed paper that I made when I was probably 12.  Yes I have had it for over ten years!  It was time to bust it out and use it.
I am quite pleased with the results.  This card is entered in a challenge HERE

If you like this card it is part of a set that is for sale on etsy and can be found HERE

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is a challenge based on a photo of some flowers.  I was in the mood for spring anyway.  Although it is always summer in southern Arizona!  Can't wait until the cacti are in bloom!  Until then here is a pretty flowery card.  This card in entered in a challenge HERE.

What is cool about this card is the orange and pink paper is hand dyed by me.  WAAHOO... I have been hanging on to that paper for years not wanting to use my only piece.  It was time! 


If you like this card it is included in a set of Spring type flowery cards for sale in my etsy shop HERE

Valentines Challenge

Yay... St. Valentine's Day is coming up.  Not many people know that there are many many St. Valentines but the original for which the day was so named was sent to Rome to renounce his faith and when he refused he was beaten and beheaded (on the 14th of course)  Yikes!  He is known as the patron saint of happy marriages and young people not because of anything special but because people were worshiping an idol who was celebrated on the 15th of February.  So to get peoples mind away from that, early church fathers sent out propaganda about St. Valentine so people would stop thinking about these idols.  Interesting.  Now on to happier matters.  CARDS!!!

This I made as an anniversary card but is a nice Valentine's Day card as well.  Not in the typical red and pink which I like.  This card is made with a stampin' up stamp and watercolored to perfection!  Just kidding!  This card is entered in THIS CHALLENGE!

Also if you like this card... it is included in a set that is for sale in my etsy shop HERE