Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Graduation Cards

I made these cards before I got my ("FAVORITE THINGS") embosser so they are not quite as fancy as my black and orange graduation cards. 
They still feature the "Leave a Legacy" stamp found in the dollar bin at Michael's and also some colorful dollar bin ribbon from Target.  It is amazing what you can do with a few bucks, some cute materials and a little creative juice. 
Don't ask me what I was thinking with the dragonfly cards.  Not sure what was going on in my mind with that but they looked different in my minds eye.  Let's just say I won't be mass producing any of those.  The others I like because they are not in the traditional school color cards that most people send.  Sorry about the blurry pictures... didn't have a chance to retake them.  Enjoy.  Ps. Mom you can purchase some of these as well!!!

Graduation Cards

  I made a few graduation cards.  My little brother is graduating from High School this year and his school colors are black and orange.  Not the most wonderful color pallet to work with but I made a few simple but elegant cards with it none-the-less.  I got the "Leave a Legacy" stamp in the DOLLAR bin at Michael's and the embosser is my new  FAVORITE THING (in Oprah voice)!  The raffia I happened to have lying around from some package I received a while back.  Hopefully my mom will read this blog and want to purchase a few cards from me for all the VHS kids she knows!!!  ;) hint hint.

Enjoy my newest creations.

Yard Sales

Hubz and I have been doing a little thrifting the last few weeks.  Here are some of the spectacular items that we got at different yard sales.

This table we got for $15.  It looks lovely in our formal living room.
 I went to Costco yesterday and decided to get some flowers to go on our new table.
 Too bad I don't have a vase!!!!

This globe was one of our most recent buys.  It was also our most expensive item so far at $30.  The lady would not budge on the price.  But it is a really nice showcase piece and it is also in our formal living room.  It has a light inside and has three different settings.
 The lighthouse picture was $3.  Had to get it.
 This was a brand new picture frame still in the box with the original $80 price tag on it.  We scooped this deal for $8.
 Baby seat for when Matty gets big enough to eat in a seat.  $2
We have many more items that I haven't photographed yet. I will share more later.
Now that it is getting to be that season in other snowier parts of the world I hope that your thrifting is as successful as ours was.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I listed quite a few new things on my etsy site.  I have been sitting on some photo cards for a while that I didn't post yet.  So I got down to business and did that last night.  I also posted a few 8x10 photos that are matted.  I am quite pleased with how everything turned out.  Now if only I could get my FIRST SALE!!!!

I know people want my products but I haven't made an etsy sale yet.  Is it something about my displays?  My price points?  My descriptions? 
If you visit my shop and have some advice for me leave a comment so I know how to improve.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family visits and Baptisms

Haven't blogged in a while.  Been busy with family visits and my baby's baptism.  First my auntie Mary came out to visit.  She was sick so we didn't do a whole lot but we got to play a few hands of cards.  She got to visit with my baby boy and we did make it to the local zoo one of the days.  It was a wonderful visit.

A few days after she left my husband's family came in for our son's baptism.  A day later our friend from TX flew in and my husband's brother.  We made a lot of trips to the airport and managed to get everyone just fine.

The next day was the baptism.  It went well and it was short and sweet.  There was a wedding scheduled right afterward so they had to move the 9 children being baptized through rather quickly.  We went alphabetically so our son was first! 

We had a nice party at our house afterward with lots of food from Costco and family and friends.
Matthew was fantastic for the whole thing and was a very happy baby.  Now he is a cute Christian.

bought some new supplies so hopefully I will get back in the crafting spirit soon.