Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chocolate Cake with Ch. Buttercream Frosting

This was my first attempt at cake and frosting in the kitchen aide.  I just made the cake in a regular 9x13" pan but then I cut it in half and layered it.  Frosted it all over with chocolate buttercream frosting.  I made two attempts at fondant, neither of which turned out.  However the first batch of fondant did what it was supposed to it was just too crumbly to roll and therefore I couldn't get it on the cake.  The second batch of fondant I used a candy thermometer that Hubz bought me.  I got it just right according to my lovely directions and after fifteen minutes of mixing it didn't do a thing.  I ended up scraping both batches and we just ate the cake as is.  The following are the pictures of the dramatic process.

Cake: ready for the oven
Cake after it was baked.

Buttercream frosting. YUM.

 Cake layered and frosted and ready for fondant.
 Mixing fondant attempt 1.
 After it mixes for a bit it turns white then gets hard like dough.
 Eventually you can knead it into a dough and roll it.  This batch might have worked but I couldn't roll it out and therefore couldn't drape it over the cake. 
This pic features my lovely Hubz helping knead the fondant.
 Fondant attempt two.  Note the use of a candy thermometer this time. 
Although I followed the directions perfectly... this attempt was worse than the first.  I was so discouraged I didn't even finish taking any more pictures.
Next time I will use a different fondant recipe and again hope for the best.

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