Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Due Date

Well the due date came and went.  Haven't done much stamping because I have just been waiting on this baby.  I guess that is the nature of things once you have kids.  All your plans go out the window.  This little guy just wants to do things on his own time. 

My wonderful husband and I are heading to Cheesecake Factory tonight because it will likely not happen again for a LONG time.  Yum. 

My two kittens are sitting in the window above the computer and they are SO cute.  They bring me so much joy.  Although the little kitcat has been having separation anxiety lately because I have been shutting them out of the bedroom in preparation for the new little one.  Poor little muffin-Jasper he meows and meows outside the door in the morning wanting to come snuggle his parents.  Lately he has been jumping to the door handle and ramming the door.  Hopefully he will be weened from the bedroom before the real baby comes.  Maybe that is why the little one is late. 

Big Grey one is Lily, 16 months.
Little one is Jasper, 7 months.

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