Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yard Sales

Hubz and I have been doing a little thrifting the last few weeks.  Here are some of the spectacular items that we got at different yard sales.

This table we got for $15.  It looks lovely in our formal living room.
 I went to Costco yesterday and decided to get some flowers to go on our new table.
 Too bad I don't have a vase!!!!

This globe was one of our most recent buys.  It was also our most expensive item so far at $30.  The lady would not budge on the price.  But it is a really nice showcase piece and it is also in our formal living room.  It has a light inside and has three different settings.
 The lighthouse picture was $3.  Had to get it.
 This was a brand new picture frame still in the box with the original $80 price tag on it.  We scooped this deal for $8.
 Baby seat for when Matty gets big enough to eat in a seat.  $2
We have many more items that I haven't photographed yet. I will share more later.
Now that it is getting to be that season in other snowier parts of the world I hope that your thrifting is as successful as ours was.

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